Isiah Carey Takes Another Social Media Star Turn With Arian Foster

It wasn't exactly a grasshopper or the kind of YouTube moment that will land someone on Tosh.0, but it did go viral and Fox 26 investigative reporter Isiah Carey was right back in the middle of it. Last year, we gave Carey our Web Award for Best Media Personality on Twitter and he was certainly deserving. Not only is Carey wonderfully engaging on social media, but he's turned a very embarrassing moment -- a viral video of a grasshopper flying into his mouth during a reported news segment in Arkansas -- into a way of communicating with his viewers and even digging up story ideas.

But it would seem Carey is back in the viral video news again after visiting the home of Arian Foster last week. Foster, who was sued by his alleged baby mama and accused of harassing her to get an abortion, was clearly not in the mood to talk to Carey and went on a rant in his driveway. Carey, never out of line, said he understood and offered Foster his card if he did want to speak on camera. Foster refused.

This is part of the strange world of viral videos. News reports like this prior to the advent of YouTube (which, by the way, is less than ten years old) would have been seen on a newscast or two, but that would have been that. With YouTube and the proliferation of gossip websites like TMZ, these types of videos can live on longer than ever thought possible before.

There have been some people who've suggested Carey was out of line visiting the home of Foster. But this is news today. How many driveway interviews have we seen in the past five years. From Terrell Owens's pushups to the Mayor of Toronto trying to get to his car, it is commonplace for reporters to seek out stories wherever they might find them.

No doubt this was upsetting to Foster, but with the public nature of the lawsuit and his standing as not only a professional athlete but as one of the highest paid at his position -- and one of the stars of the Texans -- it comes with the territory. Every professional sports league drills its young players on the dos and don'ts of social media, news interviews and the like. The more successful the player, the more likely he will have a publicist, manager and team of people there to protect him from the kind of public display seen in Foster's driveway meltdown.

To me, Carey was just doing his job and tried to be respectful of the star running back's privacy. He could have gone up his driveway and tried to shove a mike and camera in his face. But even without the tabloid etiquette, Carey finds himself in the middle of a viral video controversy once more. Fortunately for him, he's built for it. Hopefully, Foster can learn from how Carey handled his 15 minutes of infamy and move on.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.