It Ain't Racial, It's Just That Almost 80 Percent Of White Texans Support Mitt Romney

There hasn't been much presidential polling in Texas for good reason this cycle -- with Rick Perry disastrously out of the race, why bother?

But the good folks at WPA Opinion Research have filled the void with a new post-Dem-convention survey, and no one should be surprised that it shows President Obama struggling badly in thee Lone Star State.

What's appalling/amusing/maybe not shocking is the racial/ethnic makeup of that cohort he's struggling to win over.

The poll shows that Romney overall has a 55-40 lead in the race to get Texas' electoral-college votes; among voters who describe themselves as "white" the former Massachusetts governor's support jumps to 77 percent.

(Yes, reversing it shows 90 percent of black Texans support Obama.)

We weren't sure 77 percent of white Texans could agree on anything, but we guess there's just something magical about the Mitt name and brand.

Chris Perkins of the polling firm told the Texas Tribune he thought Obama would have done better overall since the survey came out in the midst of what was a slight convention bounce.

"I thought the Obama number would be a little bit better," Perkins said. "It wasn't there. It's kind of lining up to what 2008 did -- if not better -- for [Senator John] McCain."

The results are based on telephone interviews with 1,004 respondents Sunday through Tuesday.

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