It Was a Slow News Day Until We Suddenly Got All This Energy

From the swag department comes the modern era of energy drinks, if these promotional materials from Glacéau are to be believed.

First things first: The Modern Era actually spanned from the Industrial Revolution to the end of the Second World War, but nice try, guys.

And now it’s time for the hip-speak:

we packed this drink with key nutrients to give you that extra sumthin’ sumthin’. things like natural caffeine for immediate energy, c and b vitamins for metabolic energy and ribose for sustained energy. so while you other energy drinks are rolling in your pintos and grooving to your 8 track decks… we’ll just be over here with our ipod®, prius® and this cool new thing called “the future”

Not to mention the taste of stale urine. – Keith Plocek

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