Blame it on the rain.

"It Weren't Me, It Were the Zoloft"

Ah, good ole' technical difficulties. We apologize for the delay this morning in the posting. Now that the deluge has stopped, we promise we'll get back on track.

In the meantime, we've had fun watching KHOU's in-the-slammer interview with the guy who led police on that effed-up high speed chase last Friday. The suspect, Kenneth Ray Pool, a 58-year-old carpet salesman, told Shern-Min-Chow that he had OD'd on his antidepressants. Pool revealed where he had learned his action-movie-styled driving moves. "I learned to drive when I was nine years old sitting on my daddy's lap." Aw.

He also revealed that he was shooting blanks at the pursuing police officers, not real bullets. He only put the real bullets in when he planned to off himself in the truck, after crashing into the bayou. Glad he cleared that up.

So are the meds to blame? Pool noted this about his pharmaceuticals:

"I get my medications from Mexico 'cause its cheaper."

Well, we can't hold that against him. We've all tried to go that route. — Steven Devadanam

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