It's 110 Down, Much More To Come In County's Fourth of July DWI Crackdown

The first weekend of the county's DWI crackdown resulted in 110 arrests at "Hot Spots," the DA's office announced today. And the big weekend is still to come.

The Hot Spots feature lots of patrol cars and a mobile lab with all that's necessary to get a blood sample for those who refuse the breathalyzer.

Thirty-five suspects were arrested after refusing the breath test, the office said.

"The message is getting out there. We're seeing people leaving their cars behind in parking lots rather than risk driving after they've had too much to drink," presuctor Brent Mayr said. "They've heard that if you get stopped and refuse, we're going to get a search warrant and take your blood."

So where are the Hot Spots?

From 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. this Friday and Saturday, here's where to avoid if you're out there endangering other drivers: "Downtown, Midtown, Montrose and Washington Avenue; Pasadena and Clear Lake areas, including Spencer Highway; and Westside city and county areas that include State Highway 6, Westheimer and Hillcroft."

Drive safe, dudes.

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Richard Connelly
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