What's a harmless grenade among friends?

It's a Blast at HISD

First it was clawin' and bitin' at police officers at Waltrip High. But hey, things move fast at H.I.S.D.

More details regarding Tuesday's news about the eight-year-old kid who brought a grenade to Kate Bell Elementary. (Now that's an interesting show n' tell topic.) The youngster is now in alternative school.

Everyone's favorite HISD spokesman Terry Abbott sent us (via e-mail, natch) this letter to parents from Bell Elementary principal Paula Viebrock. Sez Abbott:

Can you please help us to make sure everyone who hears the story understands that this was one of those things you can buy at an Army-Navy store that has been de-activated? Thanks so much. It's still a serious matter because kids could think it was the real thing. But in fact it could not have harmed anyone.

Happy to help, T.A. So here's the letter, in its entirety:

August 29, 2006

Dear Parents,

An incident occurred today, Tuesday, October 10, 2006, on the school campus. A student had a facsimile, or "dummy", grenade in his possession. IT WAS NOT A LIVE OR FUNCTIONING GRENADE. IT COULD NOT HAVE HARMED ANYONE. As soon as staff members were notified, it was confiscated. The student was removed from the classroom. The HISD Police Department was called and an officer was dispatched and took possession of the facsimile. The officer informed administrators that the item was not a threat.

The incident was handled in a prompt, efficient manner. The student will be disciplined according to the actions outlined in the HISD Code of Student Conduct.

HISD and the staff at Kate Bell School will continue to make safety a priority for every student everyday. If you have any questions, please call me at 281-983-2800.


Paula Viebrock

Well, we have a few questions:

  • Um, is there a line in HISD Code of Student Conduct concerning fake hand grenades?
  • What if the kid had thrown the grenade at someone? Bruising isn't harming?
  • What's with the August 29 at the top of the letter? Seriously, how early do they draft these letters, anyway? — Steven Devadanam

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