coming soon to a commute near you
coming soon to a commute near you
courtesy PETA

It's Almost Father's Day. So Naturally PETA Wants to Talk About Neutering...

With Father's Day right around the corner, the folks with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals think the timing's right to remind the Houston area about animal overpopulation. 

We just got this PETA release in our inbox heralding a new — what else — PETA billboard facing north near the Howard Drive exit of I-45 telling people to neuter their pooches, lest they become deadbeat dads: 

An unconventional Father's Day message is greeting drivers on Interstate 45, where PETA has placed a catchy billboard that features an image of a lone mother dog nursing a hungry litter of puppies and reads, "Don't Let Your Dog Be a Deadbeat Dad. Get Him Neutered Today." As PETA points out, the best way to end the animal-overpopulation crisis is through prevention. Six to 8 million dogs and cats end up in animal shelters every year, and about half of them must be euthanized simply because there aren't enough good homes to go around. As a result, many shelters end up closing their doors and turning homeless animals away.

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