It's College Football Quiz Time (for Houston and Texas)

Another college football season kicks off this weekend. The national media focus, as always, is on Alabama, LSU, and the schools of the SEC. There's a bunch of interest just up in the road in College Station, with the Aggies being relevant to the world of college football for the first time since R.C. Slocum was run off campus - and hey, Johnny Football's managed to stay out of trouble for at least a week.

There have been a few more conference switch-ups. UH has moved onward and upwards, it hopes. The Owls are looking to hit a bowl game for the second straight season. The Longhorns are looking to regain some relevance in the state.

With all of the changes, with all of the stories, I'm sure you've been devouring each bit of college football news. So how about a little pop quiz to see just how up-to-date you are on the college football world in Houston and in Texas.

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1. Last season's Heisman Trophy was won by Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel. Manziel returns to the Aggies for his sophomore year, and in the process, he's in the running to become a repeat winner of the trophy. In the history of the Heisman, only one player has ever won the Heisman twice.

A. Tim Tebow B. Archie Griffin C. Earl Campbell D. Herschel Walker E. Doak Walker

2. Manziel has spent quite a lot of time in the spotlight this off-season. What's the one thing he hasn't done, or been alleged to have done, during that time?

A. Sign autographs for pay B. Accept courtside seats from any NBA team that would hand them out C. Leave the Manning Camp early D. Act like most normal college kids who aren't under media microscopes E. Take a class on campus

3. The Houston Cougars are moving to what conference?

A. Big East B. Conference USA Version 2.0 C. Atlantic Coast Conference D. American Athletic Conference E. Southwest Conference

4. The Cougars will be playing their home games at what stadium(s) this season?

A. Robertson Stadium, Reliant Stadium, Rice Stadium B. Reliant Stadium, BBVA Compass, Rice Stadium C. Rice Stadium, Minute Maid Park, BBVA Compass D. Texas Stadium, Rice Stadium, Reliant Stadium E. Reliant Stadium, Minute Maid Park, Robertson Stadium

5. The Rice Owls last played in bowl games in consecutive seasons when?

A. Never B. 1947, 1948 (Orange, Cotton) C. 1961, 1961 (Sugar, Bluebonnet) D. 2007, 2008 (New Orleans, Texas) E. 1937, 1938 (Rose, Cotton) 6. The Owls are still part of Conference USA, which has been shaken up a bit by departures and additions. Which of the following teams is not currently a member of the conference?

A. Middle Tennessee B. North Texas C. FIU D. Florida Atlantic E. Western Kentucky

7. Despite what you might have heard, Texas A&M was not the only college in Texas to recruit Johnny Manziel. What school thought it had Manziel locked up to play quarterback, only to see him sign with the Aggies?

A. Texas B. Baylor C. Houston D. Rice E. UTEP

8. Running back Charles Sims left the University of Houston football program this summer. He will play for what Big 12 team this season?

A. Texas Tech B. Texas C. Iowa State D. Kansas State E. West Virginia

9. Due to conference realignment, the Big 12 no longer has 12 teams. How many schools are now part of the conference?

A. 10 B. 9 C. 11 D. 8 E. You fools. The only school that matters is Texas.

10. The Conference USA head coach with the most seniority at one school is:

A. Skip Holtz - Louisiana Tech B. Dan McCarney - North Texas C. David Bailiff - Rice D. Bill Blakenship - Tulsa E. Ruffin McNeill - ECU


1. B, 2. E, 3. D, 4. B, 5. C, 6. E, 7. D, 8. E, 9. A (E is also an acceptable answer), 10. C

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