It's Funny, What They Graffiti'd On The Obama Mural

The Obama murals across the street from The Breakfast Klub have welcomed downtown commuters for a year now.

Not everyone likes them, apparently.

Someone took spray-paint to the signs over the weekend, writing "Puppet" over Obama's face and adding to the "Yes We Can" the words "lose our freedom."

"Puppet"? Please don't tell us that's supposed to mean he's a puppet of the Marxist-Socialist International One-World Presidium, or whoever it is running Evil these days.

As for losing our freedom, we're sure there's a densely written all-caps manifesto that;s read out loud at tea parties explaining all that.

Kevin Whited, the conservative who runs Bloghouston, noted that while "the blog hates graffiti," you gotta admit "the taggers had more of a sense of humor than most."


We're not offended or anything by the graffiti, but what they wrote is funny? Okay.

Conservative humor. Still trying not to be an oxymoron.

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