It's Getting Hot in Heere

There's a protest going on right now outside the downtown Dynegy building. I just happened by on my bike and got some photos, which scored me a lot of "What, are you some kind of narc?" looks from the crowd and which I'll post in a little bit.

The group was there to voice its concerns about a potential merger between Dynegy and LS Power.

Here's what Karen Hadden, executive director of the Sustainable Energy and Economic Development Coalition, said in a packet of materials I was handed: "The combined company would have eight pending coal-fired plants, more than any other company in the United States. Will they become the next TXU? Citizens throughout Texas rose up in opposition to TXU's proposed coal plants and the company ended up backing away from eight of those 11 coals plants they had sought. We hope that Dynegy/LS Power will reexamine their proposed coal plants and pursue cleaner, healthier energy generation from the start."

And here's what Nan Hildreth of the Houston Climate Protection Alliance had to say: "The crucial global warming issue has begun halting investment in dirty coal plants. The impacts of global warming are so huge that efforts to protect our climate are becoming more passionate. These old-style coal plants could become an obsolete liability soon."

Stay tuned for some photos. The group had a pretty neat prop — not exactly a bunch of billionaires pimping coal, but pretty neat nonetheless. — Keith Plocek

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