It's Getting Testy With The Insurance Adjusters

Things are starting to get ugly between Ike victims and insurance adjusters.

Anyone who's listened to a radio in the past two weeks has heard the heartwarming commercials from insurance companies, full of comforting music and sympathetic voices consoling you and informing you that an army of adjusters is chomping at the bit, eager to help you in any way possible.

Except now, it seems, those insurance companies are getting a feel for just how much they'll be paying out for Ike, and the sweet, sweet music isn't playing when they're inspecting your house.

"We've had reports of fisticuffs between adjusters and contractors," Dan Parsons of Houston's Better Business Bureau tells Hair Balls.

"We're starting to see a few more complaints about insurance companies," he says. "I think the companies are starting to get overwhelmed. They're seeing the magnitude of it."

If your contractor says you need certain repairs and the insurance adjuster says you don't (or that your insurer won't pay), Parsons says to write down every detail.

And don't be afraid to mention the Texas Department of Insurance.

Parsons, who isn't the biggest fan of most government agencies claiming to help consumers, says the TDI "actually strikes fear in the heart of adjusters. If a complaint is filed, they have to answer it if they want to keep their job, and that can be time-consuming."

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.