It's Gonna Blow Up Real Good Near The Galleria This Weekend

Cue up the Queen, another one is biting the dust in Houston.

Early Sunday morning (a/k/a An Ungodly Hour), that non-descript seven-story building at 2200 Post Oak, across from Maggiano's and Kenny & Ziggy's, will go boom.

Streets nearby will be closed from 6 am until 9:15 am, although parking should be easy enough to get at that time of day. The blast is scheduled for 7:15.

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We'll be there to document the death of a building that once housed...the Norwegian Consulate! And a Compass Bank Drive-Thru!

Hopefully this one won't result in frantic speculation about whether a person was seen running in the building right before the big boom.

Probably the best place to watch, by the way, will be the parking lot between the Sports Authority and Maggiano's. BYOB.

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