It's Never a Good Sign When the Announcers Are the Highlight

Before I get too far along with the Astros update, I’ve just got to say that, if anyone out there has wondered about whatever became of

Corey Hart

, I found him. He’s playing

right field

for the Milwaukee Brewers. But he did not wear his sunglasses last night.

Now, on with the important stuff: the daily Houston Astros update.

Yeah. You’ve probably figured it out already. The Astros lost. Again. By a final score of 6-1. That makes the Astros 2-5 against the Brewers this season. And 2-5 just happens to be the Astros record for the last seven games. And the loss dropped the Astros to 12 games behind the division leading Brewers.

The Brewers, meanwhile, are now ten for their last 12 games after being no-hit by Detroit’s Justin Verlander earlier this month.

There are days when I just don’t know what to write about the Astros. This is one of those days. The team played another one of those uninspired, lifeless games. It kind of looked like the guys didn’t care.

Hunter Pence didn’t even have a good game. And Mark Loretta, who’s been one of the team’s few bright spots, was 0-5 while striking out twice and stranding five runners on base.

Craig Biggio didn’t play – like that’s a surprise. The most interesting thing about the game was when home plate umpire Wally Bell called time just as Jason Jennings was going into his motion. Play-by-play guy Bill Brown took exception to the call and said that was a good way for a pitcher to get injured, to which color commentator and former pitcher Jim Deshaies stated that he’s never seen or heard of a pitcher getting injured in this fashion.

The Astros are now 10-13 for June, and 32-44 for the season.

Wandy Rodriguez gets the start tonight with first pitch set for 7:05. – John Royal

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.