It's Never Too Early

Houstonians are consumed with March Madness — March 2008 Madness, to be exact.

On second thought, they're probably not. They probably are a little more concerned with March 2007 Madness, having finally finished their brackets and now getting ready for weeks of college hoop craziness.

But March 2008 Madness is closer than you think — it's this Monday. That's the day tickets go on sale for next year's South Regional, which will be held at Reliant Stadium.

The winner of the regional will go on to the Final Four at the Alamodome. In case you're wondering when Houston will ever host a Final Four, you'll have to wait until 2011.

Tickets -- which include both the Friday and Saturday games -- are $165 for the 2008 South Regional, so it's not exactly an impulse purchase. But it's almost guaranteed to provide a colorful, exciting experience of college basketball. And maybe the Coogs will be in the running! (Probably not.) — Richard Connelly


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