It's No "Get a Brain, Morans," But We Like It

Congratulations to Houston Press photographer Bryan Williams, whose (in)famous pic from last February's Sarah Palin/Rick Perry rally now belongs to the ages, or the Huffington Post, as the case may be:

Last year we set to work to find the funniest (whether intentionally so or not) protest signs of 2009 and it was a huge success because of all your fabulous submissions! Well, after last week's tea parties, we're ready to launch our 2010 version! Vote on your favorites below and add your own pics from this year!

"Homescholers for Perry" is the first pic in the slideshow, and is the featured graphic for the entry itself, so give the Press (and Bryan) some love and go vote it your favorite (it's currently No. 1). Hell, while we're walking down memory lane, why not go check out the original slideshow? You'll be glad you did.

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