It's Official -- George W. Bush Never Considered Coming "Home" To Houston

Both President Bushes were interviewed -- together!! For the first time!! -- on Fox News Sunday.

Of course, seeing that it was Fox News, the interview was about as hard-hitting as Larry King grilling Don Rickles.

Brit Hume asked an endless series of softballs which the two guys handled effortlessly. It turns out they are both proud and humbled of their time in the Oval Office, and sure, they're aware that some carpers might complain, but goshdarnit they did what they thought was right.

Hume's relentless interrogation included at least one area we hadn't heard covered before: Why isn't W moving to Houston when he leaves the White House?


After all, Houston is where he did the bulk of his ducking of Air National Guard duty, and where he did the brief-but-life-changing community-service stint that had NOTHING to do with any possible legal trouble.

Houston, apparently (and thankfully) was never a consideration:

HUME: Now, you [George H.W. Bush] are in Houston. You've chosen Dallas.

G.W. BUSH: Yes.

HUME: What's up with that?

G.W. BUSH: Well, I want to be close to SMU. And that's where our policy center/library/archives are going to be.

HUME: You okay with that?

G.H.W. BUSH: And they had a Dallas connection --

HUME: Did you hope that he'd come to Houston?

G.H.W. BUSH: What?

HUME: Did you hope that he'd move to Houston when --

G.H.W. BUSH: No, I never thought he would move to Houston.

G.W. BUSH: Plus, Houston is two hours away from -- I mean Dallas is two hours away from Crawford, and I plan on spending some time down there in Crawford.

G.H.W. BUSH: And Laura had some Dallas connections, so it made sense.

A bullet dodged, Houston.

-- Richard Connelly

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