It's Official: San Francisco Giving Us 276 Recycling Bins, Superior Attitude

The final tallies are in: Thanks to Jonathan Franzen, some local musicians and a band -- but apparently not Hair Balls, even though we did our part -- San Francisco's

Progressive Reading Series

will be donating 276 recycling bins to the hapless city of Houston.

It's been a tough road -- see here, here, here and here.

But eventually the walls of bureaucracy came crumbling down in the face of self-satisfied preening.

In honor of the recipient of their largesse, a cover band at the event sang "Dirty Old Town," a song made famous by The Pogues.

But we prefer the excerpt from one of the readers at the standing-room-only event:

Ali Wong cried: “Oh Progressive Reading Series, you’re all so serious. Girls with bangs and glasses, Rainbow Grocery employees smelling of hummus and privilege!”

We couldn't have said it better.

Stephen Elliott, the man behind it all, wrote up the night for the Huffington Post. Look hard, reader, for any mention of us; you'll be looking in vain.

And I already have a recycling bin, so I won't be getting any of that booty either.

-- Richard Connelly

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