It's Only Going To Get Hotter In Houston, Group Says

Think it's hot in Houston now? Just want for....(switch to stentorian voice)...The Future!!!!

That's the word from Climate Central, a non-profit scientific group that apparently believes all this climate-change mumbo-jumbo the socialist-fascists are trying to throw at us when they're not trying to force government health care and take away our Medicare.

In a new study released today, Climate Central says that by the year 2050, Houston will be like Phoenix in that half the days of a typical August will be over 95 degrees. (Unlike those cities, we add the lagniappe of suffocating humidity.)

Today, the only cities on the list where more than half the days in an average August exceed 95°F are Phoenix and Dallas; by the 2050's, Houston, Sacramento, Tampa Bay and Orlando could join them.

Today, seven cities break 90°F on at least half of the days of a typical August; by the 2050's, they could be joined by Atlanta, Denver, Indianapolis, Miami, and Philadelphia. And, by midcentury, a dozen cities could average more than one day over 100°F per August, where today only three share that dubious distinction.

Wait, Atlanta doesn't break 90 degrees at least half the time in August? Bastards.

Here are the bad details: In the 1980s and `90s, Houston's Augusts had 23 days with highs over 90 degrees, six over 95 degrees and one over 100 degrees. (Really? it always seemed hotter than that.)

By 2050, it'll be 29 days over 90, 20 over 95 and 4 over 100.

The group says it used a dozen different models, and notes: "The resulting projections should be taken not as concrete predictions but rather as best guesses within a range of uncertainty. However, all twelve models used are unanimous in projecting more hot days by the middle of the century than we have today."

New York, welcome to our world.

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