It's Really Snowing Down Near La Porte, And By "Snowing" We Mean Cocaine

As if there weren't enough snow coming down today, cops found over a million dollars' worth of it near La Porte.

A Harris County deputy sheriff was on patrol with his drug-sniffing dog this morning when he "stopped the driver of a 2001 Honda Odyssey in the 10300 block of Fairmont Parkway for a traffic violation," the county says.

(Drug-sniffing dogs involved in routine traffic stops seems a little off to us, but whatever. We're sure they weren't profiling or anything like that.)

The driver, Houstonian Ramiro Buentello, 56, "was acting extremely nervous," the report says, which turned out to be a perfectly natural action when you discover there's a drug-sniffing dog in close range of the two 25-kilo bags of coke sitting in your backseat.

(Does it really take a drug-sniffing dog to find two 25-kilo bags of coke sitting in a back seat?) 

The drugs have a street value of $1.25 million, the county says.

Buentello was arrested and charged with possession with intent to deliver.

The dog, with the odd name of "Ducke," presumably got an extra Scooby snack for his work.

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