It's The 1950s At Cypress Ridge High, And The Juvenile Delinquents Are At It Again

Yet another black eye for Texas high schools has emerged, and it involves an ass photo.

Some PE teacher sneaking a camera into a locker room to snap the girl's volleyball team showering? No. Some misguided junior girl with low self-esteem sending a dirty photo to an alleged boyfriend who forwards it to all his pals?


The huge, huge scandal at Cypress Ridge High concerns the Class of 2010 picture, where kids in the front row had t-shirts spelling out "Class of 2010." Right before one of the pictures was taken, the kids wearing the "C" and the "L" ducked away.....meaning the heinous, pornographic, digusting word "ASS" was in the class picture!!

And what's worse -- high school seniors were exposed to it when they saw the finished project. We can only assume extra supplies of smelling salts were needed to treat all the kids who got the vapors from such a wrenching experience.

Luckily, discipline has been swift and sure. Otherwise, these monsters might move on to even more drastic crimes, likely involving dogshit, burning bags, porches and ringing door bells.

Discipline might have been swift, but it also sounds confused. Suspended and fined were the three students who stayed in the picture, not the two who moved.

KHOU gets the money quote:

Seniors posed for the panoramic photos last month. First, there was a formal picture with students in the front row wearing t-shirts that spelled out "Class of 2010."

The second panoramic was an informal shot.

The students were allowed to move around so they rearranged themselves, leaving only "ass" on the front row.

"I heard C and L ran off. That's not ass's fault. That's C and L's fault, said senior Austin Knight. "It was funny and they shouldn't have been punished."

The students were fined $135 each to cover the costs of retouching the photo. (Cy-Ridge apparently uses George Lucas' special-effects department for all their retouching needs.)

We assume local police are on the lookout for scoundrels who are plotting to put whoopee cushions on teachers' seats.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.