It’s Time to Grow Up, I Think

When is it time to grow up? 21? 30? 40? Never? Despite my mortgage and husband, sometimes I think I’m still trapped in a state of extended adolescence. Do you feel the same way? Not sure? In case you’re wondering where you stand, Miss Pop Rocks has devised the following quiz. Please enjoy:

The last time you attended a live music event you:

a) went home with a strange person and your ears ringing b) paid quite a lot for a ticket, but it’s worth it for Elvis Costello, don’t you think? c) Live music can’t compare to staying in with the kids.

In your vehicle you keep:

a) cigarette butts in the cup holder and condoms in the glove compartment b) roughly 42 empty Starbucks containers c) a little plastic bag to collect garbage

When speaking on the phone with your parents, you:

a) ask for money b) debate politics c) compare back pain

How would you describe your resume?

a) Ha! b) I’m still trying to find a way to disguise that two-year gap after college when I followed Phish c) Updated on my computer complete with an objective and three current references

Do you know your cholesterol statistics?

a) I’ve been too busy smoking to go to the doctor. b) Well, I’ve been trying really hard to cut back on red meat, so I guess I’m okay. c) Of course. I have them checked every year during my annual physical.

Choose which option best describes your current living situation:

a) Basement of dad’s house with a nominal to nonexistent rent payment b) Apartment in slightly gentrified neighborhood with one roommate c) Mortgage on a good starter home in an appreciating area

Your romantic status could best be described as:

a) single and loving it b) seriously attached c) marriage or civil union

Your thoughts on children could best be described as:

a) My Sea Monkeys died, so you can come up with your own conclusions b) Might be nice…someday c) The clock is ticking and/or has rung

If you circled mostly As…you are in a very juvenile state of mind. The question to ask yourself is: Do you even want to grow up?

If you circled mostly Bs…you are in a transitional state painfully familiar to Miss Pop Rocks. Wanna go get a beer sometime?

If you circled mostly Cs…you are the Ultimate Grown Up. Why the Hell are you wasting your time reading this blog when you could be watching Suze Orman or something? – Jennifer Mathieu

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Jennifer Mathieu
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