Jack Black (Not That Jack Black) Offers Facials for Guys

Alright fellas, we'd like to be serious for a minute: It's time to talk man things. The 2009 football season is under way, which means a lot of us will be doing some tailgating. Whether it be Sunday morning for the lowly Texans, or it be Saturday evening for the 12th ranked Coogs (or even the Dynamo), us men are going to be out there, drinking it up.

Unfortunately, that poses a problem. See, the cool air is going to dehydrate our skin, and all that beer won't help the situation. At my age (and I'm still young), I'm already getting wrinkles under my eyes, and my facial skin is more rugged than the misses likes it to be. I could drink less beer and watch the game at home with my girlfriend instead of tailgating, but then I could go to baby showers and spinning class and shop for potpourri.

So why should us guys care for our heaviest organ (alright, second heaviest)? Hair Balls met up with the experts at Jack Black (no association with Shallow Hal) to get some manswers. Alayne Cyk, the regional sales director in Texas for Jack Black, summed it up best by comparing our skin to our cars. "It's like maintenance for their car, guys have to maintain their car so why wouldn't they want to maintain their face. They want to look as good as women, and more and more men want to stop anti-aging."

I can attest to that, I like to keep my ride clean (although those damn birds in the Heights don't help me). Jack Black makes products like cleansers to scrubs, moisturizers, serums, lotions, shaving creams, etc. Most importantly, their men's products aren't scented like women's, so you don't walk around smelling like lavender or cucumber melon.

And what about the art of shaving? I've seen too many dudes with nasty razor bumps that looked like they used rusted fan blade to shave. Cyk suggests you use a good shaving cream, and offers these tips: "Shave in the direction of the growth of your hair, also change your blade every three or four uses. Use a scrub -- the face buff -- before you shave three or four times a week, because that will help exfoliate, helps the hairs to come out so you get a better and closer shave."

Another interesting fact is that some of the men's products are cheaper than their women's counterparts. Cyk has noticed that women are going around their husband's backs and stealing their product. "You know there was a time when the men used to secretly use their wives [products], now their wives are like I don't have to pay that much."

More and more guys are getting serious about skin care. And we all do it for the same reason, the ladies. "[Women] are loving it, the women love guys to feel very soft," Cyk said. "When they give them a kiss, they want it to be soft, they don't want this rugged face. A lot of guys will say 'but I'm a man, I want to feel rugged.' Yeah but we women want that nice feeling, we want them to feel soft, and we're loving it."

I know, guys. Most of us are simpletons, there's only one thing we want. If women want smooth skin, you better believe we're gonna start exfoliating three times a week.

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