Jackquine Bell: Escape From Walmart Robbery Via Shopping-Cart Scooter Somehow Thwarted

The getaway vehicle -- a key component to any successful robbery.

You can use anything from a Mini Cooper (à la The Italian Job remake) to a sleek, speedy roadster. Or you could use one of those shopping-cart scooters, in which case your master plan seems likely to fail.

It's a lesson Jackquine Bell learned the hard way in Longview recently, according to KLTV news.

Bell's plan was big-time -- it included the taking of almost one hundred dollars' worth of merchandise, surely bringing the Walmart corporation to its knees.

The massive haul included clothes and cosmetics, which she loaded up into what (we're assuming) intense surveillance and research determined to be the fastest scooter in the store, if not the entire Longview area.

A no-doubt thrilling chase ensued, but alas, she was overtaken by security guards who might or might not have broken a sweat.

She was charged with the robbery and -- surprise! -- possession of drug paraphernalia.

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