Jacob Isom: Skateboarder Stops Koran-Burning, But What About The Houston Boycott?

This video, of an Amarillo skateboarder stopping a local wingnut pastor from burning the Koran, has gone viral.

But in the course of its viral-ness we've learned the bookburning Man of Faith is none other than the guy who called for a boycott of Houston after it elected Annise Parker -- who is a lesbian.

David Grisham is the dude's name, and when we talked to him back in January he was sure we were all going to hell because we dared elect someone who wasn't straight.

"The main reason for the boycott is simply because it's about the only way that people in the rest of the state of Texas -- outside of Houston -- can actually take a stand for righteousness in the city of Houston," Grisham tells Hair Balls. "Now, Jesus said that we were to preach the gospel through all the world, and that includes Houston, Texas."

We're so glad we're included in David Grisham's world. We'd invite him down here to meet some of our skateboarders, but he's boycotting the place.

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