Jadeveon Clowney Gets Speeding Ticket, Texans' NFL Draft Big Board Thrown Into Disarray

For a seemingly benign Thursday night game in early December between two bottom-feeding NFL teams, the Texans-Jaguars game last week wound up having some far-reaching ramifications.

First, the end result (and certainly the penalty-littered path leading up to that end result) was the trigger event for Gary Kubiak's termination on Friday morning, and now the search is under way for the third ever head coach in the history of the Houston Texans.

Second, the loss went a long way toward sewing up the first pick overall and virtually clinched a top three or four pick for the Texans in May's 2014 NFL Draft.

So what started as a season with Texans fans cautiously pricing hotel rooms in New York for early February ends as a season where fans are simultaneously assembling "head coach wish lists" and "mock draft big boards."

Most Texans fans want a quarterback with that first-round pick, and are understandably concerned that Rick Smith might zig when they want a zag and opt for a defensive difference maker. If you're one of those "draft a QB" fans, any bit of news that slightly disparages defensive players helps.

Even something as small as a speeding ticket.

This year's most coveted defensive player, without a doubt, is South Carolina's Jadeveon Clowney. You all remember him...

When it comes to NFL prospects, Clowney is this year's Mario Williams -- a big, physical freak who is kind of going through the motions this season so that he can be ready to put up the combine stats of a cartoon superhero in February. Hell, like Mario, he's even from one of the Carolinas!

I don't know that the Williams comparison enthuses Texans fans at all, but I do know that drafting a defensive end (even one as potentially transcendent as Clowney) would be a buzzkill for a lot of Texans fans. So because it's bad karma to root for injuries, Texans fans must root for some other Clowney deterrent.

To that end comes this story, courtesy wistv.com:

The South Carolina Highway Patrol says they saw Jadeveon Clowney coming -- perhaps a bit too quickly -- and promptly cited the Gamecocks star defensive end with going 110 MPH in a 70 MPH zone.

Troopers say Clowney was pulled over in a Chrysler 300 around 7:30 p.m. Saturday night on Interstate 77 near mile marker 39.

Officials say he was immediately ticketed for $355, but not arrested in the stop.

According to state law, Clowney could have been imprisoned for not more than 30 days for the violation since he was driving 25 miles per hour over the speed limit.

The Highway Patrol says no other citations were issued in the incident.

Speeding ticket? Hey, it's something, right?

The good news for Clowney is that for an SEC football player, given what they get paid, a $355 fine is like a $20 fine to the average man on the street. The bad news is that this ticket put him halfway toward his license being suspended, and probably sent the Texans scrambling to reshuffle and move him down their big board, from like second overall down to the fifth round.

After all, speeding ticket? Can't have that! Not Texans-worthy.

Not anymore, at least.

Hey, we can hope, right?

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