Jaime Esquivel needs more practice

Jaime Esquivel: Dude, At Least Try To Make It Challenging For The Cops

We're going to go out on a limb here and predict that Jaime Adan Esquivel, 36, does not have a bright criminal future ahead of him.

Not because his goals seem somewhat low for a man nearing middle age -- stealing a cash-register till and a couple of Ronald McDonald charity boxes from a dry clearner.

No, as the Galveston County Daily News reports, it's his actions after the fact that make us doubt his fitness for a life of crime.

Exhibit 1: Returning to the scene of the crime while the cops are investigating and asking one for a cigarette.
While one can understand the desire to sneer at the hapless detectives as they try to figure out your clever caper, you might also inadvertently show them your hands, which are scarred with the kind of fresh cuts someone would get if they broke a dry cleaner's window to rob the till.

Exhibit 2: Taking the cops back to your place.
Sure, you have no ID on you, and you have some ID at home, but taking a cop -- who, you apparently haven't noticed, is already suspicious of you -- back to your house allows him to look around. And in the process of looking around, the cop just might notice Ronald McDonald charity boxes "and loose change all over the place," as one put it.

Somehow Esquivel hadn't written "Stop me before I rob again" in lipstick on his mirror, but Galveston police still managed to crack the case.

Esquivel is in jail on a $10,000 bond.

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