Breeding ground for drug kingpins

Jaime Zamora: That's No City Park Worker, That's (Allegedly) A Murdering Drug-Cartel Kingpin

Jaime Zamora had a good, steady job in Houston's Parks Department.What could be more exciting than that?

Importing millions of dollars' worth of cocaine and murdering rivals, apparently.

Zamora, 40, was sentenced today to more than 27 years in federal prison for distributing more than 150 kilograms of coke and tranferring more than $3 million in cash to and from Mexico over a seven-year period.

"Although Zamora had previously been employed by the city as a parks worker, at the time of his arrest on the federal drug charges Zamora was on bond for state capital murder charges which are still pending in the 185th Criminal District Court," the U.S. Attorney's Office said

The alleged murder involved a drug war in which his brother was killed.

Maybe if the City of Houston provided a little more incentive for its park workers -- maybe some arts-and-crafts classes at night, maybe allowed them to carry guns and get in shootouts whenever someone littered -- the employees wouldn't feel the need to get their kicks by becoming huge importers of coke.

Oh, and the city would have to raise their salaries a bit, too.

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