Jamaal Tinsley's Car Gets Shot Up in Indy

After the NBA All-Star Game in Las Vegas went all gangsta – with strippers and shootings – Houston’s very own T-Mac

expressed concerns

about playing the 2008 game in New Orleans because he didn’t feel it would be safe enough.

I don’t know about New Orleans, T-Mac, but perhaps you should be trying to find a way to stay out of Indianapolis. Early yesterday morning, shooters fired on a car owned by Indian Pacers point guard Jamaal Tinsley. While he was sitting in the car, Tinsley was not hurt, but Pacers equipment manager Joey Qatato was injured and sent to the hospital.

This isn’t the first incident in Indianapolis involving NBA players and guns. Current Golden State Warrior and former Indiana Pacer Stephen Jackson started this season on suspension because of an incident arising from the firing of a gun at an Indianapolis strip club.

Who knew that Indianapolis was such a gangsta’s paradise? I guess Michelle Pfeiffer’s going to have move in and take over. -- John Royal


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