JaMarcus Russell's Quest to Become the First 350-Pound Quarterback Is Full Steam Ahead

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My co-host John Granato and I have a standing breakfast bet (which I just now realized will have to be amended to something else at stake because we're moving from mornings to afternoons on 1560 Yahoo! Sports Radio) and it goes like this:

True or false: Out of these three quarterbacks -- Tim Tebow, Vince Young and JaMarcus Russell -- none of them will even set foot in an NFL training camp and so much as put on a uniform for one practice this summer.

For the record, John has "True" and I have "False," my thinking being that a) Tebow will have an epiphany that he is actually a fullback rather than a quarterback, and/or b) NFL teams are that desperate for help at quarterback.

For the record, I feel good about the side that I'm on, and if I were placing odds on it, I'd easily make me the favorite if, for no other reason, than I have a hard time believing that Tim Tebow's NFL career ends that abruptly. I'd put my side of the bet at a solid -180, and Granato at +150.

That said, through this part of the calendar, the free agency/draft and combine/workout silly season, the probability of my victory over Granato with this wager is a fluid endeavor, forever in motion until training camp gets here.

New items this week impacting the odds on the wager include:

-- Vince Young will apparently work out at the University of Texas's pro day, according to Stewart Mandel of SI.com:

This is a good thing for my wager. Hell, Vince may have nothing left in the tank, but he did appear to be in shape in the recent feature ESPN did on him, and he does appear to want to make a comeback. Again, I just need someone to love him enough to invite him to camp. (Also, Vince might need the money pretty badly. That's good for the old "want to.")

-- Yesterday, BleacherReport.com had the following video of JaMarcus Russell "working out" for one of his several mentors, former NFL journeyman Jeff Garcia:

This video? Not so good for my odds, mostly because JaMarcus looks like the "BEFORE" picture for every Charles Barkley diet that we've seen in the last decade. My favorite part of the video is how dialed in Garcia is on every facet of Russell's mechanics, ignoring the figurative 800-pound gorilla in the room -- that Russell could have the most fundamentally sound throwing motion on earth, but if he WEIGHS 400 POUNDS, all he's qualified to do is possibly win the Dr Pepper Challenge at halftime of next year's SEC Championship Game.

I mean, this video would actually be far less ridiculous if it was Anthony Munoz replacing Jeff Garcia and Russell just said, "Fuck it, I've decided to become a left tackle."

So with Vince hanging in the mix, and Russell hanging with a mix of chili, cheese and a crate of nacho chips, revised odds for our bet look like this:

Sean -140 Granato +120

I will now go back to awaiting Tim Tebow's announcement that he's signing with the Jaguars as an H-back.

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