James Earl Wallace, 36, Bayou Body Count No. 48

One gun; two men. Someone was bound to lose.

On Sunday afternoon, that was 36-year-old James Earl Wallace.

Police say that Wallace showed up at a home along the 7900 block of (possibly appropriately named) Shotwell in northeast Houston, but that the resident told Wallace to shoo. It was not the first time this had happened.

Wallace refused to go away, police say, and the two men began to argue. That's when Wallace went for his gun, tucked underneath his waistband. Apparently though, Wallace was not much of a quick-draw, as the other man was able to keep Wallace from firing while they continued to struggle, police say.


Wallace was dead.

The other man immediately called for an ambulance. He has not been charged but a Harris County grand jury will review the case, police say.

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