James Faircloth's Smooth Pick-Up Tactics: I'm an FBI Agent With Lil Wayne Tickets, Baby

James Faircloth, 53, apparently wanted to hit on a high school student.

How best to do it? According to court documents, he approached the girl, who hopes to work in law enforcement eventually, and:

a) Quickly flashed a business card that said "Detective" and said he had worked with the FBI

b) When asked to show it again, he told her, "it wouldn't be a good idea for safety reasons"

c) Offered her $50 to help him on a surveillance gig at a cheap motel

d) Told her he had five front-row Lil Wayne tickets that included "go[ing] backstage after the concert and meet[ing] Lil Wayne for 15 minutes"

e) Once he got the girl to the cheap room, told her they needed to watch the porn channel on the room's TV to blend in with the other guests

f) Also told her that surveillance required her to "sit with her legs open, exposing her pussy"

Alas, it didn't work.

The girl quickly asked to leave and contacted police. She had grown increasingly uncomfortable with Faircloth's tactics (the Lil Wayne incident came after a few "surveillance" shifts) and she recorded some of what went on, court documents say.

Faircloth later texted her to tell her to "wear something short" for the next job, and that was the last straw, court documents say.

KTRK first reported the case, in which Faircloth has been charged with impersonating an FBI agent.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.