James Harden's Subtle Sense of Humor on Full Display in New Foot Locker Ad

The chill, '70s vibe that James Harden gives off in interviews seems to be his genuine personality. He's like the Billy D. Williams of the modern NBA, but instead of smooth malt liquor ads set in front of a roaring fireplace, Harden does seriously funny ads for Foot Locker, including this newest commercial featuring him in a recording studio trying to capitalize on the best year of his career.

The only question is whether or not that is really him singing. I suppose it doesn't matter. The point gets through.

This continues a line of commercial successes for Harden dating back to his days with Oklahoma City. Probably the best of the bunch is the Take a Supermodel to Work Day ad featuring his then teammate Kevin Durant and Kate Upton.

In addition to his skill on the floor, Harden is damn funny in front of the camera.

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