James Page & Son Handcuffed, Hit by Cops After Car Crashes into His House, Lawsuit Says

You're having a bad day when a car crashes into the front of your house. You're having a worse day when school-district cops handcuff you and your 11-year-old son, giving him a swollen lip and breaking your collarbone.

That's what James page says happened in a lawsuit filed against the North Forest ISD.

Two years ago, the suit says, Page was sitting in his den in the 10300 block of Lera "when he heard tires screeching, a loud bang, and his son Demetri screaming outside."

He saw that someone had driven a car into his house and run away. Bad enough, but the problems were just beginning.

Two cops from the often-troubled North Forest ISD pulled up, the suit says, and as he tried to describe the guy who ran away, they "drew their guns, pointed them at him, and ordered him to the ground."

He told them he lived in the house that had been hit, and neighbors confirmed that to the two officers. The officers told the neighbors to leave, the suit says, and they slapped handcuffs on Page.

When Page again attempted to explain, he says the cops told him to "shut the fuck up," which possibly might be in the official NFISD training manual, but probably not.

After being forced to the concrete driveway again, Page and his son were placed in the back of the patrol car in handcuffs.

Page came out of it with a broken collarbone, the suit says, and his son "suffered a swollen lip and a scratch on his face."

The plaintiffs are asking for damages "from $1 to $10 million."

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