Jan Michael Vincent Arrested in Houston! (Not That Jan-Michael Vincent.) A Chart to Tell Them Apart

Jan Michael Vincent got himself shot at by a cop and arrested yesterday on the north side after, cops say, he refused to follow their instructions and looked to be reaching for a gun in his car.

No, not that Jan-Michael Vincent. This Jan Michael Vincent (the hyphen is all-important) is a 32-year-old black dude from Houston; the Jan-Michael Vincent who entertained millions (maybe) in the epic TV series Airwolf reportedly lives a reclusive life in Mississippi after many wild years battling the bottle.

Two questions arise about Houston's Jan Michael Vincent: a) Who doesn't listen to instructions from a cop who's pointing a gun at you, and b) How'd you get stuck named after a journeyman action "star"?

It's kind of like naming your kid after whoever was the dark-haired cop in Adam-12. If you're trying to inspire your offspring through his or her name, aim higher.

We don't know if these two guys have ever met, but if they had, they'd have a cornucopia of stuff to talk about.

The travails of growing up named Jan Michael Vincent, for instance. ("How many times did you have to say, 'No, not John. Jan.' Yeah, me too!!") The older one of the pair could ask the younger if he's ever seen Airwolf. The younger could ask the older if he's ever acted like an idiot with a cop. ("Well, sure, but never one pointing a gun at me...you got a pair of cannonballs between those legs, man!!")

And, of course, the Ernest Borgnine anecdotes could last well into the night.

For those of us not named Jan Michael Vincent (with or without a hyphen), it can get awful confusing telling these two guys apart. No, really.

Luckily for everyone, we've prepared a suitable-for-laminating chart outlining the differences between these two pillars of society.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.