Janet Jackson's Houston Nipple Flash Refuses To Die

The single greatest news event to occur in Houston since the turn of the century -- one that's clearly gotten more ink than Ike -- is Janet Jackson's Super Bowl-icious nipple. (Katrina we're counting as a N'Awlins event.)

The Awesome Areola is back in the news yet again this morning, thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court.

A lower court had set aside the ridiculous $550,000 fine against CBS, which happened to be broadcasting the event and inadvertently aired images of the JJ Nip, with an astonished Justin Timberlake looking on.

Now the Supremes have told that lower court to take another look. Not at the nipple itself, one presumes, but as to whether just maybe they should reinstate the fine.

"The order, in favor of a U.S. government appeal, sends the case back to a federal appeals court for further review in light of [the  Supreme Court's] ruling that upheld a U.S. government policy that subjects broadcasters to fines for airing a single expletive blurted out on a live television show.

The most alarming thing: All the reporting on the ruling mentions the Super Bowl, but it doesn't mention Houston.

We are quickly losing our claim on this momentous event. For all America knows, it could have happened at a Super Bowl in Jacksonville or Detroit or Miami.

This cannot stand. Houston is home to Nipplegate, and home to Nipplegate it must stay!!

Write your congressman, or something.

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