Jarvis Johnson Tweets, But Doesn't Talk, After His Arrest

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"Leading by example" still remains on the web site for City Council Member Jarvis Johnson but the councilman is being charged with evading arrest by the Houston Police Department.

According to the HPD, Johnson was arrested Wednesday night  when he initially refused to stop his vehicle when a police officer tried to pull him over.

The day after his arrest Johnson, now out on $2,000 bond, is still without an official statement concerning last night's events. After calling his office, it was unclear to us as to when he might hold a press conference or have an official statement prepared. The only thing that is clear is that he will (eventually) have a press conference about the matter.


Jarvis initially told reporters like KPRC's Mary Benton that "he never runs from media & will explain his arrest for evading police officer later 2day," as she posted on her Facebook page this morning.

But several calls later, still no press conference. Jarvis has tweeted, though:

Thank you to all who have emailed, called, and/or prayed to encourage me at this time. Much of the media has chosen to sensationalize the matter but the process will reveal the truth.

One politician who has made a formal statement is Mayor Annise Parker: "The arrest of Council Member Jarvis Johnson is not related to his position or work as a member of Houston City Council. He has a right to due process. The justice system will run its course. Beyond that, I will defer to the facts in the public record."

Police say Jarvis was speeding and refused to pull over when a cop lit him up. He's been charged with evading arrest, a felony. A woman in the car with him was allowed to leave, police said.

We'll just have to wait to see if Due Process means the same thing for a councilman that it does for an everyday citizen.

Update: Although the council member's office doesn't seem to know anything about it, the Houston Chronicle says it has a statement from Johnson:

"Last night was an unfortunate situation where the officer erroneously surmised that I was speeding and fled his warning a claim I vehemently deny. At no point did I drive over 25 mph, run stop signs, or maneuver around any vehicle. I acted in no way that would give any indication that I was attempting to flee or evade apprehension."

His statement later reads, "I sincerely hope that last night's incident was not in response to my constant communication with the police in requesting an end to ``speed traps'' in the area, and an increase of patrol."

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