Screen cap via KPRC
Jashona Franklin, bringing the pain

Jashona Franklin: Wailing Away On Teen Daughter's Classmate

Finally, a nice twist on school violence: Instead of kids attacking each other, or an unbalanced teacher going nuts on a pupil,

KPRC brings us the story

of a high school mom allegedly assaulting her daughter's classmate in the parking lot of Coldspring-Oakhurst High.

The craziness, caught of course on cell phone, reportedly erupted Thursday when 18-year-old student Kimberly Charping refused to return a necklace to the daughter of Jashona Franklin. (KPRC stated Franklin's age as 50, but she's actually 33 according to info we got from the San Jacinto Sheriff's Office and a driver's license database. So maybe that makes it more of a fair fight).

The video shows the two engaged in a heated shouting match before the mom decided enough was enough and figured fisticuffs were in order. Franklin was arrested and remains in San Jacinto County Jail. Two 16-year-old female students were also arrested as a result of the fight; they're charged with misdemeanor assault, according to KPRC.

Photo courtesy San Jacinto SO
Jashona Franklin sports a bandana for her mugshot

Charping apparently decided to hold the necklace ransom because her classmate wouldn't give back a pair of jeans, which makes us wonder if there's some sort of clothing shortage in Coldspring.

KPRC reported that Charping didn't want her face on camera for the report due to "scratches and bruises on her face that she said were the result of a vicious beating," but we wonder how vicious it could have been if Charping was talking to reporters the same day.

Hair Balls hopes that Franklin will be able to tell her side of the story if and when she bonds out. Did Charping say something to provoke her? Does she always wear do-rags? Has she thought of fighting professionally? Did Charping get in any good licks? We can't help but feel there's so much more to this story, and we're too impatient to wait for the Lifetime movie.

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