Jason and Misty Beasley: Alleged Meth Bender Lands Baby's Parents in Jail

According to reports, wild-eyed Jason Wayne Beasley was frantic Monday night, and told a neighbor on his Longview street that someone had killed his wife, Misty Beasley.

Police arrived and found a heartbreaking scene. No, Mrs. Beasley was not dead. The 27-year-old was just in a deep, deep sleep.

For his part, 34-year-old Jason Beasley was by then "actively hallucinating," fighting off imaginary foes with both a gun, which he reportedly fired in public before police arrived, and a knife.

Both of these types of behavior are not unusual for people at the tail end of a days-long meth bender. A KLTV report states that the Beasleys admitted to police that they had done just that.

As if that young couple's mental unraveling wasn't sad enough, the couple's 14-month-old baby was found asleep in a crib.

The couple's mugshots are pretty frightening.

Jason Beasley's got that sweat-sheen and looks like he's wanting to know why you won't believe him when he's telling you that Hulk Hogan is secretly controlling him through microchips embedded in his teeth.

Sallow, skeletal Misty Beasley looks like she might once have been a pretty woman, but is now nearing the lower right-hand corner of the Faces of Meth spectrum.

Both Beasleys have been charged with child endangerment. Jason Beasley was slapped with a drug charge after police found a film canister full of what police say is the narcotic prescription drug Soma in his underwear.

It was not reported if the child was placed with CPS or family members.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.