Jason Bernard Jackson: Allegedly Rapes Man, Tells Him He Has AIDS, Then Steals Wallet

Back in the late '80s, there was an urban legend that went a little something like this: Guy picks up girl, they go back to his place and have sex. Guy falls asleep. When he wakes up, the girl is gone. When the guy goes to the bathroom, he sees "Welcome to the wonderful world of AIDS" written in lipstick on his mirror. (So widespread was this legend, it even made it into the Geto Boys' "Assassins.")

It looks like life has imitated urban legend, only more so, if a Harris County court document is to be believed.

According to the complaint, back on June 20, "Steve" met 34-year-old Jason Bernard Jackson at a nightclub. After sharing a round or two of drinks, they decided to retire to Jackson's place in far northeast Houston. En route, Jackson stopped at a gas station and returned to the car with an open drink, which he gave Steve. After drinking it, Steve reported feeling ill.

According to the affidavit, Jackson assaulted Steve as soon as they entered Jackson's home. The complaint says that Jackson punched Steve in the face multiple times, ripped off his clothes and ordered him to lie face down on a mattress.

Then, according the affidavit, Jackson took off his clothes and penetrated Steve's anus, first with his finger and then with his penis. Steve says he told Jackson to stop and attempted to throw him off, but the six-foot-one, 200-pound Jackson overpowered him.

Once he was done raping Steve, Jackson informed him that he was HIV-positive. Jackson allegedly did not use a condom, and he reportedly told Steve that he too now had the dreaded virus. And Jackson was reportedly not finished with Steve. He wanted his wallet, too. Steve handed it over and then made his escape. After hiding out in the neighborhood for a time, he ran over to a woman in her backyard and told her what had happened. The woman called police, who took Steve's report and sent him to a hospital for a rape test. Semen was found in an anal swab.

Steve pointed Jackson's house out to police, and later picked him out of a photo array. When contacted by police, Jackson denied knowing Steve, but declined to submit DNA for a test.

A warrant for Jackson's arrest was issued on October 26 and he was taken into custody on November 29. He is currently being held without bond and is charged with sexual assault, a second-degree felony punishable by up to 20 years in jail.

Jackson's rap sheet includes convictions for drug-dealing and theft, and he currently also faces a cocaine charge.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.