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Jason Friedman’s NFL Picks, Week 16: On a Quest to Become the Bizarro John Royal

I’m an idiot. No, not because I was foolish enough to think I had broken out of my NFL prognostication slump. The reason I’m beating myself up right now is because within

last week’s column

, I stumbled upon a stroke of sheer genius (at least by my piddling standards). Here’s the gem to which I’m referring:

“Of course, if I really wanted to finish with a flourish, I’d simply steal a peek at John Royal’s picks and just do the opposite of his suggestions. Why this thought hasn’t occurred to me before now is the head scratcher to end all head scratchers.”

Wanna know what’s even dumber than failing to come to that realization until week 15? Failing to act upon it the second that thought reached my feeble brain. I’m not even trying to diss JR here. He’d admit himself, I’m sure. The facts speak for themselves: If you had done the exact opposite of Royal’s picks this year, you’d be nearly forty games above the .500 mark; good enough to be counted among the best of the best. Like I said, I’m an idiot.

So keep reading my picks column for the entertainment. But if you’re in it for the cheddar / cake / guacamole / currency / whatever, make sure you check out JR. Then do the exact opposite.

On to part one of the week 16 picks (home team in caps):

Pittsburgh (-7 ½) over ST. LOUIS

Might as well call this the “no freaking clue” game. Pittsburgh has lost two in a row and looks completely out of sorts. Meanwhile, the Rams are at home and playing with nothing to lose (except draft position, of course). So instead of trying to figure out who’s going to win, I’m just going to take a look at my WWJRD (What would John Royal Do?) bracelet and attempt to divine which way JR is leaning. I bet he takes the Rams. You know what that means…

Steelers 27 – Rams 17

- Jason Friedman

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