Jason Randolph Booker Always Picks the Wrong Prostitutes

Here's some advice if you're planning on getting a blow job from a street hooker: Well, first -- DON'T. Try not to be a complete idiot.

Secondly, if you see Houstonian James Randolph Booker anywhere near you, run.

Booker, 28, was charged today with trying to pay for oral sex from a woman who turned out to be an undercover cop.

Not exactly news, because it marked the fourth time in a little over four years that he's been arrested for the same thing.

Either he has incredible bad luck, or he has a fetish for undercover cops. Maybe he just likes that female-cop body type, someone who looks like she's handled some handcuffs in her time.

Or maybe he just has an undying faith in the guileless innocence of street hookers, who would never say anything they didn't mean.

We wonder if this guy even gets surprised anymore when "You're under arrest" comes?

Wait -- is that his secret kink? Is he secretly crushed when the hooker turns out to be an actual hooker? Is he even able to get it up then? "Oh, you're not a cop? Well, miss, I'll pay you for your time."

Booker was convicted on his previous three arrests. Maybe this time will be the lucky charm.

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