Javier Garcia: Staggering DWI Charge for South Texas County Commissioner Candidate

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Alice Police Department
Javier Garcia: May not have achieved the same high office, but allegedly racked up a BAC Bob Bullock and John Tower would admire.
For politicos in some parts of this country, a single DWI conviction is enough to permanently derail a career.

That's apparently not the case in South Texas, least of all Jim Wells County, where 53-year-old county commissioner candidate Javier Garcia was just charged with his third DWI.

And oh yeah: When police arrested him Sunday, there was a warrant out for DWI number two. With police having to track him down in this manner, one can only suppose that Garcia's was not exactly a high-profile campaign.

And the numbers two and three weren't the only astonishing digits to have come forth in his case. How about these breath-test readings: Police in Alice, Texas, told the Corpus Christi Caller-Times that Garcia blew an impressive .358 on one test and a truly astounding .362 on the other.

For those of you scoring at home, each of those results is more than quadruple the legal limit of .08, well beyond the potential blackout zone and well within the "potential death" range.

Jim Wells County? This guy should be running John Barleycorn County...

Alice police claim they saw Garcia's white Dodge truck parked at a stoplight there with the driver's side door open Sunday evening. They claim to have seen Garcia suddenly tumble loop-leggedly from the vehicle. After further investigation, they said that his eyes were red, his tongue was tied and his breath reeked of hooch.

Garcia was allegedly so drunk that he had to be hospitalized before going to jail. Once he sobered up, he was charged with DWI, Third or More, a state-jail felony that could net him two years behind bars.

This Javier Garcia was running as a candidate for Jim Wells county commission in precinct one. It turns out that there is another Javier Garcia already on the Jim Wells county commission in precinct four. That Javier Garcia eagerly told the Caller-Times that he was not related to the (allegedly) tap-shackled candidate.

Bail was set at $2,500, which seems pretty low, as in Harris County, standard bail for DWI-3's usually runs at $10,000. And then there was that whole outstanding warrant thing...

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