Jay Lee: Local Photographer Threatened With Lawsuit by Woman Who Used Copyrighted Photo Without Permission

When Houston photographer, Houston Chronicle blogger and KPFT tech-talk show co-host Jay Lee found out last month that one of his copyrighted pics of Houston's skyline had been used without permission on multiple Web sites, he sent the Web hosts a Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice informing them of the situation. That's when the ghost of Rod Serling stepped in, took a drag off his Chesterfield and informed Lee that he had just e-mailed [pause] The Twilight Zone.

Why is that, Hair Balls? you ask. We'll tell you why: One of the sites using the pic belonged to a woman named Candice Schwager, who blogs about all the various conspiracies she's uncovered throughout her life, as well as her disapproval of Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia. The thing is, Schwager's 14 Web sites were registered via GoDaddy.com, and it's apparently the company's policy to suspend a client's account -- i.e., all of their domains -- even if a DMCA take-down notice only applies to one. When her account was suspended, she threatened to sue Lee for everything from harassment to defamation.

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