Jean Pierre Mierau: Convicted Child Rapist on the Run from New Charges

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It was obvious that Jean Pierre Mierau could see the writing on the wall back on March 18, shortly after he had made $20,000 bail on two counts of online solicitation of a minor. The 35-year-old from the Alief area had been sentenced to five years in prison after a conviction ten years ago for having sex with a 13-year-old girl. Seven years before that, he had also been sentenced to six months in Harris County Jail for attempting to have sex with another young girl.

He had to know that he was headed for more hard time.

Maybe that was why he posted this [as a commenter later pointed out, it's a blatant rip-off of Hunter S. Thompson's suicide note] on his Facebook page:

"Well I cant say it wasnt a pleasure , No More Games. No More Love. No More Driving. No More Fun. No More This. 35. That is 35 years past 0. Though its not what i want. Scary. I am always worrying. No Fun , for anybody. Im not a fetus. Act your age. Relax - Things could be worst. Anyone up for vacation? Yes its time. fair well friends. ...Ill send postcards. xoxo Things could be worst! Sorry."

Court documents in the 2001 case reveal that the state presented evidence that Mierau had boasted to the victim that he had had sex with more than one 12-year-old, had harassed an ex-girlfriend for a year after she had called it quits and had fled the state to avoid the consequences of his crimes before. Perhaps all of that factored into his five-year sentence and the stipulation that he be added to the sex offender registry for life.

In 2009, Mierau was convicted of misdemeanor family violence after allegedly slapping around a woman who would soon become his wife. That marriage would not endure; court documents reveal that his wife found out Mierau was a sex offender, threw him out of the house and filed for divorce all on the same day this January. Cops have since filed a charge of failure to comply as a sex offender, as Mierau was supposed to notify authorities about this change of address and they say he never did.

A couple of months after that, authorities say, Mierau was sexting a girl he knew to be younger than 17. Mierau was arrested on two counts of doing so and bonded out three days after getting picked up, and has been on the lam since.

At some point after jumping bail, he also "liked" travel on his Facebook page and changed his profile pic to a poster claiming that the U.S. is a police state.

Mierau is over six feet tall and weighs somewhere between 160 and 190 pounds. He claims to have studied as an electrician. He is a fan of underground dance music -- the stuff they used to spin on KTRU's MK Ultra program and at Numbers on some nights. (Like waaaay underground stuff: subgenres like "grind, glitch, terror core and gabber.") After learning that, it might shock you to know he's into Twilight and all that Goth Lite stuff, too. Despite his French name, it appears that he is of Mexican ancestry.

His most recent new friend added is an attractive, very young-looking girl who lives in San Antonio. Perhaps underground dance clubs in the Alamo City would be a good place for cops to start looking. Especially the ones that admit girls of all ages.

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