Jeff Bagwell's Nightmare with Hand Doctor Michael Brown Gets Worse

Houston Astro legend Jeff Bagwell continues to pay the price for getting involved with the weird, sleazy, black hole that is the court odyssey of TV-ad star hand doctor Michael Brown.

Brown has had a series of cases in criminal and divorce court, and vague allegations that Bagwell -- who's been going out with Brown's ex-wife -- has been in rehab have been in court documents.

It's been ignored, even though such rumors have circulated about the former first baseman for a while, because it was an allegation with no evidence.

Now, though, Brown's ex-wife has confirmed the rehab rumors.

In a court hearing Tuesday, Rachel Brown testified that she had accompanied Bagwell to a recent rehab stint for alcohol abuse.

Admitting to a problem and getting treatment for it is no crime, of course, but it's the first time that one of the various rumors about Bagwell has been solidified.

We can only assume he really loves Rachel Brown and her kids, because he's paying a price, in terms of his public reputation, for the relationship.

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