Jeffery Howard Lee: Alleged Child Molester, Mugshot Hall of Fame

Jeffery Howard Lee has been charged with molesting three preteen sisters in Humble, KPRC reports.

Police told the station Lee failed a polygraph test regarding the allegations, in which he allegedly visited his neighbor while she and a babysitter were temporarily not there.

"They were left alone for a brief amount of time until their baby sitter got there. The defendant is their neighbor and would come by. The mother was not aware this neighbor was coming by until one of the daughters said something, which is what caused her to start asking questions," said Tina Ansari, a Harris County assistant district attorney.

Horrific enough....but...but...but look at this dude.

If that's not one for the Mugshot Hall of Fame for (Alleged) Sex Offenders, we're not sure what is.

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