The accused mastermind
The accused mastermind
Photo courtesy HCSO

Jeffrey Stern: Husband Of Wounded Victim In Bellaire Murder-For-Hire Plot Has Interesting Past

Houston attorney Jeffrey Stern has certainly led an action-packed life.

While his recent arrest for carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, which comes in the wake of three failed attempts on the life of his wife, is his first Harris County criminal bust, it is just the latest chapter in his life as a defendant.

Over the years, he has been accused in dozens of civil proceedings including multiple disbarment proceedings (while he has emerged victorious from those so far, we will have more on those later), a public vilification by John Culberson, and an ongoing breach of contract lawsuit that finds him opposed by former client Evander Holyfield.  

The Holyfield case involves a Heights-area property that the former boxer claims Stern foreclosed on seven days too early. Stern had allegedly loaned Holyfield $560,000 against the value of the house. Holyfield's attorney Troy Pradia had no comment today on Stern's arrest.

Back in 1991, Stern was singled out as among the greediest in a feeding frenzy of lawyers who feasted on a tragedy involving two little girls and an apartment complex swimming pool. One drowned and the other was left brain-damaged, and the family first hired Stern as their attorney. After they fired him relatively early on in the case, he still claimed to be entitled to one-third of their cash reward.

The family had hired then-state representative John Culberson to represent the interests of the surviving child."Mr. Stern is trying to take money from a brain-damaged baby," Culberson said at the time. "It is absolutely outrageous."

Prosecutors told a judge today that Michelle Cabrera Gaiser, 37, was behind a plot to kill Stern's wife Yvonne.

Yvonne Stern survived two attempts unharmed, but was injured in the most recent attempt last month. Gaiser was arrested Wednesday in connection with the bizarre plot.

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