Jeremy Geffs, "Street Pharmacist": Tomball Hustla and Rockin' Facebooker, in Jail Again

There ought to be a Failbook-like website for knuckleheads like Jeremy Geffs: oft-convicted criminals who continue to advertise their shenanigans on Facebook for all the world to see.

With a criminal record as long and impressive as Geffs's, you'd think he'd try to keep things a little more on the quiet tip, but maybe Geffs is just really feelin' that Bun B line from "Feds in Town." You know, that part when Bun finally gets tired of running from the law, reassembles his click and bellows "IN MY YARD IS A BIG ASS - I GOT YAYO SIGN!!!"

Geffs, a 30-year-old, Buick-driving, ice-grilled player from da mean streetz of Tomball, describes himself on his awesome Facebook page as a "street pharmacist" and a "hustler" and "a mothafucking 'G' fixin to marry my mothafucking 'G' the #1 Hater Creator [name redacted]." All this in spite of over two dozen arrests and two prison stints.

For her part, the #1 Hater Creator is currently on probation for tampering with evidence. In June, police said she destroyed a syringe, pipe, weed and meth they wanted for an investigation. She's definitely ride-or-die, though: Back in August, when Geffs was locked up yet again, she hijacked his page and posted this:

I know there has got to be more people up and movin around right now that can help out a little bit!!! All I need is $150 to post his bond!!!!! All over a trespassing charge!!!

This time around, Geffs is in much deeper shit. Last week Geffs was charged with evading arrest and assaulting the Harris County Precinct 4 constable who eventually chased him down. The evading charge is enhanced, both because Geffs used a car to do it and also because he had done it before. Back in 2003, he kicked both the cop and the cop car that came to haul him away after a similar incident, ending up doing five years in prison.

That stint could explain both all his tats (we love the big "H-Town 1960" one between his shoulder blades) and why he lists his educational credentials as "Windham Unit / TDCJ."

And here's the thing. In spite of his idiotic behavior, Geffs seems to have both a brain and a decent soul lodged somewhere deep in the muck of his anger and self-destruction.

He reads James Patterson and John Grisham -- sure, that's not exactly highbrow fare, but the dude reads, and Geffs can rock a pro se legal filing with the best of 'em. There are apparently at least a few decent people pulling for him to stay out of trouble on the rare occasions he's free. He seems deeply in love with the Hater Creator and they are the proud parents of a baby girl. He's never been busted for burglary or woman-beating, which is kinda faint praise, but still.....

On the other hand, car chases risk the lives of innocents -- civilians and cops alike. And life can have only so many last chances, and if Geffs is convicted in this case, he will have to ponder that reality for a very long time.

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