Jeremy Kaelin, Accused 'Roid-Dealer/Woman-Beater, Loses Fancy Breitling Watch to State. What a Pity.

With last Friday's default judgment favoring the plaintiff, the case of The State of Texas vs One (1) Watch with Clear Stones has come to an end.

A court found that Jeremy Kaelin's silver-colored Breitling for Bentley watch found after a drug raid on his apartment was contraband and therefore subject to forfeiture to the state.

Or as it was put in the incident report, a cop's "training and experience has shown in the past that this brand of watch is commonly worn by 'drug dealers' as a status symbol in order to showcase their ill gained wealth."

So closes yet another dark chapter in the young life of 25-year-old Jeremy Patrick Kaelin, the muscle-headed, motorcycle-racing, car-stealing, and (alleged) girlfriend-beating and steroid-dealing owner of said watch with clear stones.

Our story begins back in 2007. Along with an accomplice, Kaelin was accused of stealing three Ford Mustangs, a Honda motorcycle and a Yamaha motorcycle. Convicted of second-degree felony theft, Kaelin was given ten years deferred adjudication and ordered to pay $65,000 restitution to his victims at a rate of $468 a month.

Kaelin seems to have kept his nose clean for three years. Things unraveled in dramatic fashion on April 12, 2010, when a Montgomery County deputy spotted Kaelin and 24-year-old Dustin Ferguson roaring on hot-rod motorcycles down Fish Creek Thoroughfare just west of Conroe. The cop hit his lights and both riders took off.

Ferguson made it only a few miles down the road before a pickup truck pulling a travel trailer eased out in front of him. Ferguson tried to miss the truck, but didn't quite. He laid down his bike, skidded along the pavement and wound up trapped underneath the truck's bed. Later that day he was pronounced dead in Woodlands Hermann Hospital.

Kaelin almost made it to the Harris County line, but was halted by a Montgomery County cop who pulled his cruiser into his path. Kaelin laid down his bike, got up and tried to run, but was caught and charged with felony evading arrest. And also theft -- police said at the time that the Yamaha he was racing that day was also stolen. (That charge was later dropped.)

By spring of this year, Kaelin was in a heap of shit. In April, for violating the terms of his probation in the theft case, Harris County authorities had ordered him to spend every July in Harris County Jail starting this year and continuing through 2016. Not only was there that mess in Montgomery County, but Kaelin had also fallen behind in his restitution and the fees he owed the county.

Police believe he turned to selling steroids. And his ex-girlfriend says he was taking them -- lots and lots of them. So many that he started flying into nightmarish rages and beating the crap out of her regularly, she says. On April 29, the girlfriend contacted the Harris County Sheriff's Office and told them that Kaelin had become upset with her two days prior to that and punched her in the face repeatedly, breaking her nose and causing it to bleed profusely. (The cop noted in his affidavit that her nose appeared crooked and that her eyes were still blackened, and that she had bruises and scratches all over her body.) The woman said that Kaelin told her to go back to his apartment to clean up, but he wasn't done with her yet. Once at home, the woman said, Kaelin slammed her into the wall so hard she broke through the sheetrock.

The woman told of two other beatings from the prior six months. Three days later, police raided Kaelin's pad and found enough vials of testosterone to charge him with second-degree possession with intent to deliver. They also found yet another stolen motorcycle on the premises, but no new theft charges have been filed.

Kaelin is currently in Harris County Jail. His bonds total $90,000 for three cases -- $30,000 each for charges of felony domestic abuse and felony 'roid-dealing, and a reinstatement of his bond for the 2007 theft case.

We get the feeling that Jeremy Patrick Kaelin won't be needing that Breitling timepiece for quite a while.

And yes, while it seems like a flimsy pretext for seizure -- "This is the kind of watch drug dealers wear, therefore it must have been bought with drug money" -- if anybody deserves to not have one (1) watch with clear stones, it's Jeremy Patrick Kaelin.

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