Jeremy Lin's Dunk Cam Will Make You Like Jeremy Lin (VIDEO)

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I'll admit, I wanted the Rockets to trade Jeremy Lin this past summer. Unconditionally, I wanted him gone from Houston.

Part of it certainly was about fiscal responsibility, as Lin is scheduled to make $15 million in cold, hard cash in the final year of his three-year "poison pill" deal, and for a backup point guard who plays around 25 to 30 minutes a night, that's just too much money.

The other part of it was admittedly a psychological "scarred fan" thing, where Lin's mere presence was a reminder of his failure late in the pivotal Game 4 of the Portland series and, in turn, the team's overall failure to get out of the first round of the playoffs.

Well, ultimately, after a number of chess moves executed before and after, I got my wish -- Lin was traded (along with a first-round pick as a sweetener) to the Los Angeles Lakers in a deal in which the Rockets received an $8.4 million trade exception.

When the Chris Bosh free agency courtship fell through, an argument could be made that the Rockets should've held onto Lin, but I didn't care. I was ready for the Houston chapter of Linsanity to end.

Now I fear I might have been wrong.

My "trader's remorse" has nothing to do with real basketball, mind you. Lin hasn't played in any games or participated in any kind of real basketball activity that would change my opinion of him as a player. Right now, he appears to be on vacation, but it's his vacation activity that has me so smitten with him.

Apparently, Lin is treating this week as Fan Appreciation Week, and as part of it, he is asking people to send in their videos for some hashtagged meme called #JLinDunkCam. What is #JLinDunkCam?

Well, this.....


My observations on the source video and nucleus of the #JLinDunkCam atom:

1. I love that Jeremy Lin has made $10 million in NBA salary the past two years (and another God knows how much in sponsorships and ancillary money from his overseas popularity) and yet he still spends his summer in shorts, tank tops and no shoes making goofy videos with his boys. One summer, me and my buddies made a satirical short movie spoofing the old '80s flick Sixteen Candles because we were bored. We were 15.

2. The totally (and hilariously) unnecessary flexing, preening celebration after dunking on his mom would make Chris Bosh blush.

3. Sweet minivan parked on the front lawn.

4. Actual basketball take: Even with Kobe Bryant back, the Lakers are still going to be a brutally awful lottery team. I'm not wishing injury on anybody, but I wouldn't be heartbroken to see Steve Nash pull a hamstring and miss 82 games (90/10 shot) and Kobe Bryant run into some sort of lower extremity issue again (75/25 shot) and let Lin cut loose as in the one-month Linsanity period and take like 30 shots a night. "Linsanity: The LA Years" would actually make it worth sitting through the inevitable 10-15 Laker games we are going to inexplicably get on national TV this season.

5. And if that can't happen, then let's just go ahead and trade another first round pick to get Jeremy Lin back (yeah, I know, we traded a first rounder to get someone to take him off our hands).

I had no idea he was this funny!

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